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We understand that counselling and therapy can be a difficult first step for our clients to take and therefore we ensure that we remain sympathetic and supportive to your specific situation, whatever it may be and whatever support you may require.


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July 2017

“Gary, You may recall work that you did with our son ****** last April?  I am writing to enquire whether there are such things as “top up” or “refresher” sessions available.

***** progressed incredibly well following the sessions with you and we had no incidents at all at school for the 9 months up to this January.  He was noticeably more relaxed and content at school and received very positive feedback from them.”


April 2016

“Gary, Just a few words to say thank you for helping me through our sessions, it’s very much appreciated”


February 2015

“Gary, I just wanted to say that I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. I am so very grateful to you. You have helped me to come to terms with a lot and allowed me to be at peace with myself. As this is my last appointment I think that tells you how much I have progressed with your help and now I can get on with my life. Finally, thanks to you I look forward to see what the future holds”


January 2015

“Gary…I am emailing you to say thank you for the care and understanding you gave to my daughter. I can’t thank you enough as we were a ‘family of lost souls’ not having anyone to turn to and ******* being passed from one therapist to another. We are and will be eternally grateful for helping ******* and giving us all hope for her future..”


September 2014

“Gary….I would like to say that I felt so much more in control after talking to you. I actually went out and did in fact find myself in a possible conflict situation but was more than happy to laugh it off and walk away. I was able to communicate with my family without bias or old feelings dictating my reaction……In short I feel more balanced, even my family have commented on the fact that I am more relaxed etc. I would like to say thank you for your time and expertise in helping me sort myself out and giving me the tools and understanding I need to put myself in a position to do this….”


September 2013
“Hi Gary, I was a bit emotional last night but wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done!”


October 2011

“Gary, I’m not sure if you remember me as I acknowledge that it’s not always possible to remember all your clients.  I came to see you in October 2010 to March 2011.  I suppose I’m writing as a somewhat thank you for helping to guide me through my journey (of which I’m sure I’m still going on).  My weekly visits really helped me and I believe still has had a profound effect.  Professionally I noticed I have gained more confidence and have moved into management since seeing you.  Personally my relationship with my boyfriend is very stable and I appreciate him so much more and we are now living together.  I also have grown much closer to my sister and speak to her daily.

I really want to say how pleased I am not only that I decided to approach counselling but also to continue with the process.  I do remember my visits with you very vividly and am glad that I continued as much I remember wanting to quit.  I will always appreciate my time with you and will always appreciate your empathy, listening and understanding.  You have great skill and I am so glad that I benefited from it. “