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We understand that counselling and therapy can be a difficult first step for our clients to take and therefore we ensure that we remain sympathetic and supportive to your specific situation, whatever it may be and whatever support you may require.


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It is estimated that as many as 10 million people in the UK are adversely affected by acute or chronic anxiety. 1 in 10 of the population are affected by depression.

70 million workdays are lost each year in the UK because of poor mental health.

The team at Hopesprings has extensive experience in supporting companies, institutions and organisations of all sizes. We offer training programmes tailored to support staff teams in managing workplace stress and anxiety. Furthermore, we provide advice and training to promote effective communication and to support employees affected by burnout.

We can also help in mediating between colleagues and teams at work and offer support and training designed to promote more positive relationships.

We work with most of the biggest Employee Assistance Providers (EAPs) and insurance companies in the UK.