Hopesprings Consultancy

Telephone: 01506 419819
Email: info@hopespringsctc.com

We understand that counselling and therapy can be a difficult first step for our clients to take and therefore we ensure that we remain sympathetic and supportive to your specific situation, whatever it may be and whatever support you may require.


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Telephone: 01506 243074



Before commencing with counselling we like to meet you first and talk over some of the issues that have been causing you difficulty. There is no charge for this session. It’s important to ensure that counselling is likely to be beneficial before starting.


If we agree to work together the cost per 50 minute session for individuals is £45.
The cost per 75 minute sessions for couples is £55.


It’s difficult to predict how many sessions will be required. For some, therapy can be relatively brief, whereas for others it can last for an extended period of time. You can be assured that we will help to advise you as your therapy progresses.